Let’s Talk Wood Preparation & Storage

Did you know burning green wood can severely damage your woodburning stove and cause residue build-up in your chimney? Green wood (or freshly cut wood) releases a lot of creosote (tar). It will burn, but it won’t burn well, and if done regularly can cause a chimney...

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Top Reasons to Install or Upgrade a Fireplace

When it comes to adding ambiance, there is nothing better than a fireplace. Whether woodburning, gas or electric, a hearth appliance not only increases your home’s value but can lower your monthly heating costs, all while creating a comfortable, happy space for...

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Understanding the Manufacturer’s Manual

If you have a new hearth appliance, or you’ve inherited an existing appliance in a new residence, you’ll want to read the manual carefully before operating your appliance to ensure safe and proper operation. If you can’t locate the manual you should be able to...

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Winterizing Your Barbecue

Many of us enjoy grilling outdoors year round, but for some of us, the grilling season comes to an end when temperatures drop below freezing. If you don’t plan to grill during the winter, we recommend “winterizing” your grill. Properly caring for it during the winter...

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Don’t Burn Garbage!

Some might think it’s better to burn garbage rather than bury it in a landfill, but that’s not the case. Never burn garbage in your wood stove, your fireplace or a barrel in your yard. These devices are not incinerators. Food packaging is one of the biggest sources of...

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Choosing Your Fireplace

Looking for a wood or gas fireplace? If you are thinking about adding a hearth appliance to your home or replacing an existing appliance you will want to consider which appliance makes the most sense for your space and your lifestyle. You will want your new fireplace...

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The #WhyIGrill Movement

Maybe you grill to relax. Your backyard is your oasis, your respite, your happy place. The flame is your focal point. Maybe you grill for nostalgia. Backyard barbecues make up your happiest memories. Your grill is your time machine to your best moments growing up....

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Recipes from House of BBQ Experts

House of BBQ Experts is a Montreal, Quebec-based company that offers BBQ products, knowledge, support and more. Max and JP Lavoie, two young visionaries from the Quebec City area, cofounded the company. Their motto? Changing the world, one barbecue at a time. They...

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Tips for Creating an Outdoor Room

An inviting outdoor room greatly increases the appeal and value of your home and provides a comfortable, happy space for friends and family, allowing you to maximize the time you spend outdoors. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind while creating the perfect...

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