Provincial Lobby Days

BC Lobby Days 2019


HPBAC’s President Laura Litchfield and Director of Public Affairs, Adam De Caire visited Victoria, BC from October 27th-31st 2019 and saw a number of successful initiatives. 

We secured a meeting with the The Honourable Bruce Ralston, BC’s Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology. The Minister was pleasantly surprised to learn of the strong presence of the industry, and expressed interest in a possible industry-based tour.

Two successful receptions were held to engage with members of the government and opposition caucuses. 11 MLAs, including 5 Cabinet Ministers attended the Government reception, and 16 MLAs, including the Leader, attended the Opposition reception. In addition to these numbers were political staff, as well as approximately 16 HPBAC members and staff. Many positive interactions took place, with elected officials signaling an interest to learn more, and maintain engagement.  

Thank you to all those who came out and made the Lobby Day a great success!

Click to view our BC Lobby Day presentation.

Facts about the hearth industry in British Columbia

Did you know?

  • The North American gas fireplace industry started in BC, in the early 1980’s.
  • BC Hydro was very supportive in the early days and FortisBC continues that support.
  • A BC manufacturer was the first to bring an energy efficient gas fireplace to market in 1981.
  • 8 manufacturers design and manufacture hearth appliances in BC.
  • BC has highest concentration of hearth manufacturers in North America.
  • More gas and wood fireplaces are manufactured in BC than any other state or province.
  • Gas fireplaces provide home heating if electrical grid goes down, particularly with increasing electric demand in future.
  • The BC hearth industry provides thousands of jobs to BC residents.
  • Electric fireplaces are made in China, none in Canada. Many gas fireplaces are made in BC, making them the last major, made-in-BC appliance in your home.
  • Both wood and gas are the most affordable fuel for low income residents.

Why do home owners love their energy efficient gas fireplace?

A Direct Vent (DV) Gas Insert in an existing fireplace is a huge energy upgrade to a home and can reduce energy use.
  • Closes off 12 inch open flue – a major source of “heat loss”
  • Uses no air from the home
  • Provides local radiant heat without electrical consumption even in a power failure
  • FortisBC supports fireplace upgrades with EnerChoice products
Provide comfort in the part of their home they spend the most time.

This is called zone heating and allows homeowners to keep other parts of the home cooler, saving energy.

No power, no problem.

Many gas fireplaces have no need for electrical connection and can keep your home warm and safe in a power failure.
Backup heat saves thousands of homes every year in an extended power failure or deep freeze.

They’re controllable.

Smart controls allow homeowners to turn on, turn off, and program timed settings to exactly what they need.
In A BC manufacturer introduced pilot lights which automatically extinguish after seven days — an industry requirement starting in 2020.

“63% of Canadian homeowners would pay more for a house with a fireplace, and gas fireplaces are preferred.”
National Association of Realtors

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