HPBAC Board of Directors

Vice Chair
Past Chair
Atlantic Region Rep
Central Region Rep
Western Region Rep
HPBA Board Rep
Director (Manufacturer)
Director (Manufacturer)
Director (Retailer)
Director (Distributor)
HPBA (Non-Voting)
HPBAC (Non-Voting)

Andrew Vickers, Powrmatic
Steve Haagmans, Miles Industries/Valor
Dominique Pagé, United Buyers Group
Samantha Pickering, Vancouver Gas Fireplace
Sarah Kemp, Country Stoves & Sunrooms
Shelley Wallace, Fireplace & Leisure Centre
Jason VanGarderen, Concorde/Jackson Grills
Alexander Marcakis, Supreme
Terry Hicks, Napoleon
Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
Darryl Zylka, SBI
Trina Langille, Warmth by Design
Jack Goldman, HPBA
Laura Litchfield, HPBAC

Criteria and Duties of HPBAC Directors

  • Attend Board of Directors meetings
  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors
  • Participate in strategic planning
  • Discuss HPBAC issues with the Board of Directors
  • Provide guidance for organizational priorities and governance concerns
  • Interpret and analyze HPBAC’s annual budget
  • Evaluate HPBAC’s reports and performance with respect to achieving goals and objectives
  • Adhere to HPBAC’s Board of Directors Code of Conduct and Ethics and any applicable bylaws
  • Represent the Association in a positive and professional manner at all times

Criteria for Candidates

  • Must be current members of HPBA Canada
  • Has attended at least one Annual General Meeting of HPBA Canada
  • Has participated in at least one committee or project of HPBA Canada, its Chapters or of HPBA or its affiliates
  • Has positive feedback from Chairman or President of related committee/Board work
  • Has positive industry regard by peers

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